středa 17. června 2009

Stromovka and the new "fur cut"

We had our dog taken to the groomer today and he now has a new summer style "fur cut" or what do we call it???
Doesn't he look cool??? I bet he doesn't care about his looks though, as long as he gets his piškoty :))
We also met a duck and her ducklings...nature in the city
Afterwards we went to Stromovka for a walk and stopped by a fairly new place called Vozovna.
We have been there once before and liked the beer and the concept, the food was so so but pricewise it was ok. The same happened this time...We weren't hungry at all so we ordered a grilled paprika with smoked mozarella (pečená paprika s uzenou mozarellou) and one párek v rohlíku (hotdog).

We ordered the hot dog simply because we were intrigued by the description in the menu. It wasn't spectacular but better than most. The grilled paprika with smoked mozarella wasn't bad either. The mozarella had a chewy brown crust and was fine when it was warm. We finishend it off before it got cold, but i bet it's not so good when cold. The prices are unbeatable however, very acceptable. The service is incredibly slow here, but not because the servers are lazy, but because there are too little of them. They are very friendly though! I guess they didn't expect such a big demand when they were opening the place. Bet how long we waited for our párek v rohlíku and pečená paprika! It was about 40 minutes :) I hope they get themselves together, but i don't know if that's of any use because the place is full all the time anyway.

Still, my P7 favourite in the Vystaviste/Strossmayerovo namesti area is and probably will be Bohemia Bagel, they don't have a garden but they've got wi-fi ;-)

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