pondělí 15. června 2009

Lesvos holiday

I'd like to share some pics from our last year's holiday. We visited Lesvos, a Greek island located closer to Turkey than to Greece actually. It's a very beautiful place, not too spoiled by tourists yet and so still has an authentic feel to it. Lesvos is presumingly the birthplace of the poet Sappho. To tell the truth there is not much to do there, although the island is very big. So we spent our time swimming, riding a moped all over the island and eating...
We enjoyed this holiday a lot!
First, meet some locals :) They probably belong to the restaurant owner, or just live by the restaurant. The dog was amazing, when it got hot outside he dug himself a hole in the cooler soil and slept there.

This a speciality of Lesvos called sardeles pastes and it may well be my favourite food in the world. They are sardines that have been gutted and cleaned and put into salt. Apparently they are caught in the morning, salted and served in the evening or the next day. Never later than that. Sardeles pastes are very delicate and very tasty. And of course a Greek salad.

This is simply a grilled sea bream. Very fresh and well grilled...what more would you want from fish? Great!

Grilled sardines. Lesvos is famous for it's sardines and olive oil (I brought home 4 litres of olive oil). Again, very fresh and well grilled. Sardines actually cost half the price of the other fish (4 euro pro the portion you see), but are just as good although a little messy to eat.

The shrimp were not good, they were frozen. While in Greece or Cyprus carefully study the menu because they have a law that tells them to indicate food prepared from frozen ingridients. You will be amazed at how much some restaurants use frozen stuff like seafood. A restaurant located virtually by the beach and port uses shrimp imported from Vietnam. Weird IMHO. This mainly applies to "touristy places" though. Most fried calamari rings are frozen, most shrimp too. I read that there is some kind of local lobster or langoustine sometimes available in Lesvos restaurants, but haven't seen any.

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