pondělí 15. června 2009

Lesvos holiday 2

Again grilled sardines and greek salad, sardeles pastes already eaten (hence the empty plate). Lamb kleftiko in the clay pot. It's usually baked in a parcel made of baking paper, but in Lesvos they serve it in pots for some reason.

Husband jumping into the water.

The harbour of Molyvos.

Me and the flag.

There are turtles living in many ponds across Lesvos.

This is the village/resort town we lived in. It's called Anaxos. Next time we go to Lesvos we will stay in another town, either Molyvos or Skala Erressos. Anaxos is a new village and is too touristy for my liking, but the beach there is one of the best on the island.

There is one interesting thing about Anaxos and that is that there are several restaurants, not hotels, with big swimming pools. If you have a breakfast/lunch/dinner or drink there you are free to use the pool. I have never seen that anywhere before.
For more info about the island visit http://www.lesvos.com/. Mr. Barret did a great deal of work to present the island to us, it was the biggest source of information for me!
We are going on our this years's summer holiday in 2 weeks. We are going to Cambrils in Spain. It's a small resort located on the Costa Dorada in Catalonia. Barcelona is a 1 hour drive away and I hope we will visit this amazing city at least a couple of times. So in two weeks it's paella, tapas, sangria and seafood time for us :)

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