neděle 14. června 2009


An easy to make dessert, one of my favourites. Pannacotta means boiled cream and is basically a cream jelly, but a very smooth and delicate one.

200ml of 12% cream

300 ml of whipping cream (smetana na šlehání)

6gr of powdered gelatine (1/3 of a Dr. Oetker package)

1/2 vanilla pod

Sugar to taste

Cut open the vanilla pod and scrape out the insides, add to the cream. Heat cream and sugar in a small pot. When almost boiling add gelatine and take the skillet off the burner. Mix very well until the gelatine dissolves. Come back in a couple of minutes and mix again. If the gelatine is not dissolved try heating the mixture again, but not too much. Pour mixture into a serving bowl/bowls and let it cool it the fridge.

Pannacotta should be served with a fruity sauce like coulis. To make coulis just puree/blend any very ripe berries or fruits. If they are not ripe enough add sugar to taste.

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