čtvrtek 18. června 2009

Marinated pikeperch with cherry tomatoes

My father in law is a passionate fisherman and he goes on fishing trips quiet often. Several months ago he and his friends made a trip to Rio Ebro in Spain. This river is well known for its huge population of pikeperch and my dad in law caught some of them, froze them and brought about 8 fishes home. Pikeperch is considered to be the best fresh water fish, it's also the most expensive one. It's meat is very delicate and is best when prepared in a simple way. I found this recipe on this website - http://mlsnakocka.blog.cz/. Another Czech food blog I enjoy. Thanks for the recipe Pavlina! The combination of the fish, tomatoes, bacon and crusty bread is delicious!

Pike perch
Olive oil
5 -6 slices of bacon
Cherry tomatoes
Filet the fish and cut into portions. Make cuts on the skin, but don't cut through, we do this to prevent the fish from twisting when heated. Chop up the garlic and the marjoram, add some olive oil, add salt and marinate the fish in this mixture. Let stand in the fridge overnight.
Heat up a pan. Don't add oil, there is already oil in the marinade. Fry the fish skin down first, then turn and add the bacon.
In the mean time heat up another, smaller pan with some oil. Make cross like cuts on the cherry tomatoes and put on the pan, sautee until soft and sweet. Put some bread in the pan along with the tomatoes.

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  2. Lidysik, unbelievable! I had no clue that you are so into the cooking festive.. Everything looks delicious. I am so happy for you. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time in Spain. Do you want us to share some recipes with you? I love French cuisine. My favorite restaurant is Taillevent, check it out out at taillevent.com. We had our wedding lunch there. Another one is a local chef here, in Miami. His name is Pascal. He is from France, he worked in Taillevent. Check out his website www.pascalmiami.com. If you like Spanich cuisine, we have a good restaurant La Dorada, www.ladoradamiami.com. See if you like their websites. We just got back from Bahamas. There is one of the restaurant on Harbour Island has the best conch chowder I have ever tried, check their website http://rockhousebahamas.com. Have fun! Kisses

  3. Ilona is that you?????????? :)) I just noticed your comment! You are now the officialy first person to have commented on my blog! thanx! :) Yes, I do want recipes and I do want any food info or photos. I will check out the wites of the places you mentioned and dream about visiting them ;-))