pátek 31. července 2009

Prague market - Pražská tržnice

Mr. Cuketka posted a picture of things he bought at the Pražská tržnice in Holesovice on his Facebook page. I decided to follow and so here is what I bought today.

Dill, koriander, garlic, baby eggplant, "Canadian" blueberries, Czech blueberries, cucumbers, string beans, beautiful gladioluses.

I try to shop at this market every week, or sometimes even twice a week. There is no other place like this in Prague and I like it a lot! There are some stands with imported fruit and veg but about 60%-70% of the vendors sell local seasonal produce. I will post photos of what I buy every time, I think it will be interesting to see how the variety of fruit and veg changes through the seasons.

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