čtvrtek 16. července 2009

Barcelona, Figueres etc.

When we were planning our holiday I was very optimistic regarding local trips like Barcelona, Montserrat, other seaside towns etc. Unfortunately it wasn't that easy. We only visited Barcelona, Reus (which was not really interesting because we had no map or guide) and Figueres on our way back. Figueres houses the Salvador Dali museum which is part of the Dali triangle. Everyone who visits the area should take the time and visit this place. It's unbelievable. I'm sure I will try to explore the whole Dali triangle in next few years because I was amazed by this museum.
We also took a one day trip to Barcelona. I have been to Barcelona once before but also for one day and I loved the place. But this time I was a bit confused. It's huge and very crowded. The town centre is enormous, with wide and long boulevards and big squares. One needs at least 3 days to explore this city, there are just too many things to see and visit. I do not recommend one day trips. we felt like we were lost in a huge megapolis and even though we had a guidebook we haven't managed to see even a fraction of what we intended to see.
BUT there are still some pictures of food! :)
Boqueria Market -

The photos didn't turn out too well. What can I say? Boqueria is beautiful, but to me it looked more like a tourist attraction than a real place where the locals shop. They do their shopping in different markets like Mercat san Antoni or Mercat del Ninot or others. I wanted to go there but alas...
Still, Boqueria was an amazing place! Beautiful stalls, incredible variety of all kinds of things, a few fully occupied tapas bars. Everything there is so pretty and perfectly arranged and at least the fruit stalls really do seem a little artificial. I always look out for seafood, here the array was unbeatable and hands down the best I have ever seen in my life.
We sat down to have lunch in a Japanese style noodle restaurant called Udon. It's very popular among travellers and is featured in many tourist guides.

This is the Nabeyaki udon. It was a nice change after all the grilled seafood and fish we had in the previous week. I know that sounds nasty :)))
This is it from our Spain trip :)
Great thanks to my inlaws for inviting and taking us on that beautiful holiday!!!

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