středa 15. července 2009

Cambrils - the seafood paradise

Cambrils is known as the town with the best seafood in all Costa Daurada and maybe even Catalonia. The food there is superb and we have not had a bad meal during our holiday. There are 2 restaurants here that received a Michelin star. We have not visited them though and it was not because they were expensive, they were just slightly more expensive than the rest, but because they were always booked.
Miramar restaurant:
We went there for my mom in law's birthday and it was the place everyone liked the most. Great service, great wine, superb food.

Tuna carpaccio in a cava jelly.

Grilled prawns.

Grilled razor clams and scallops. I have never eaten razor mussels before. They look gross, like big fat white worms but they are really tasty. The essence of the sea. The scallops were incredibly fresh and perfectly grilled.

Vongole clams and scallops.
Pulpo a la Gallega, a famous Spanish dish. Octopus is boiled with spices and then served with olive oil, salt and paprika.

Steamed mussels. Nothing added except lemon and these mussels didn't need any seasoning anyway, they were delicious.

Grilled calamari and cuttlefish. Again, these were grilled to perfect softness without being dry.

Grilled angler with escalivada and a potatoe. Angler is one of the most common fishes in Cabrils, along with seabass, hake, sea bream and sole. Escalivada is a mix of grilled or baked vegetables flavoured with olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. Here eggplant, pepper and tomatoe were used, but sometimes oinion and garlic are added.

Grilled halibut with the same sidedishes as above.

Grilled seabass.

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