pátek 24. července 2009

The horror

I never buy premarinated meat or fish. I simply don't like the taste of the used marinades, they burn on the grill and there are too many chemical additives in them. I also suspect that the producers marinate meat that's beggining to rot and give it a "second life" by drenching it in a spicy and salty marinade.
Now, here is the proof - http://zpravy.idnes.cz/nalozene-maso-muze-znicit-zdravi-odrovnalo-i-ochutnavace-mf-dnes-pht-/domaci.asp?c=A090724_083957_domaci_lpo

Check out the attached detailed results - http://ekonomika.idnes.cz/specialni-priloha.asp?y=test/vysledky-testu-marinova-masa.htm

All I can say is OMG! Some of the samples were infected with salmonella and listeria, several were literally rotten. Horrible.

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