pondělí 30. listopadu 2009

Jamie Oliver’s pasta with bacon, peas and mint

I was watching Jamie’s ministry of food on TV Spektrum when this dish attracted my attention. Jamie said that he cooks it for his kids and that he and his wife eagerly eat it too. He taught one of the participants to cook it and it looked so appetizing that I just had to do it. In the original recipe Jamie uses mini pasta shells, I haven't found any and so I used fussili instead. I think any smaller, shaped pasta which you can eat with a spoon should be ok.
This is the original recipe and the result.

I used pretty much the same ingredients, except that I used dried mint (from our own garden) and sour cream with a high fat content instead of crème fraîche. I do admit that the substitution of the latter probably made a difference, but it was good nonetheless! It's one of those dummie recipes, but I cook it over and over again.

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