pondělí 23. listopadu 2009

Depression cooking with Clara

I accidently bumped into this very interesting series of cooking videos. All of them are available on youtube.

Clara, an American lady of Italian descent, started making this show when she was 91 and by now she turned 94! She is cooking meals that she and her family cooked and ate during the Great Depression in the 30s. She also reflects on her childhood and teenage years and comments a lot on the fact that people ate simple but healthy food back then.
Clara’s family ate meat only once a week, and not every week too, they mostly lived on pasta, vegetables, beans, home made bread etc. They would turn off the heating to save money and sit next to each other to warm themselves.
Now, let’s reflect this onto the current situation. Have people started to eat healthier during the recession? No, the majority went from buying expensive ham (containing meat) to buying cheap ham (containing crap)! How many people started buying local, seasonal and cheap apples instead of bananas? It’s a rhetorical question.

Clara wrote and published a book and a DVD with her complete show can be bought online.
It’s never too late to start a career! :)

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  1. priceless ;)) posílám dál! je dokonalá

  2. She is addictive! Even though the meals are very simple she makes me wanna cook'em :)