středa 19. srpna 2009

Return to Vozovna Stromovka

I've already written about this place, we have been there numerous times after that but never eaten anything. This time we did.Barbeque ribs. Small? Oh, yes! Only 2 smallish pieces but only for 115kc. However with the second main we ordered there was plenty to share and we were absolutely full. The meat was soft and almost fell off the bone, the sauce was too vinegary for my liking, but still fine.

The Schweineschnitzel. The menu says it is just as you will get it at Figlmüller, a famous Vienna restaurant known for its schnitzels. The schnitzel was massive and very well cooked, thin, crispy and well drained. I gave half of the schnitzel to Husband, there was no way I could ever finish it off by myself. We also had some roast potatoes, which were also good.

I like this place! They are now grilling a whole piglet every Saturday, I think it's worth checking it out!

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