neděle 30. srpna 2009

Bohemia Bagel

Do you have a favourite neighborhood joint? Our's is probably the Bohemia Bagel in Holešovice. We go there really often, mostly for a beer or two, but we also eat there at least once a month. The place is famous for its burgers.
Here are some we had recently:

Husband's BBQ burger with fries.

My hamburger with bacon and cheese with salad.
The burgers are always of consistent quality. Big, juicy, well assembled. It's not everyday food, but it doesn't hurt once in while!
This place has more to offer than just burgers. They serve quite well made salads, Ceasar especially, sandwiches, different American style breakfasts etc. They have thematic evenings several times a week, like the wing Wednesday, taco Thursday, burger weekend. Their lunch offer isn't half bad too. All in all we like the food and the service is fine, we even get a 10% discount when there is one certain guy waiting the tables in the evening.

The place has received some critisism for bad service at and other resources. I have to say that it's partially true, I agree to some extent. The service is a bit unattentive during lunch hours and may even seem a bit "bitchy". However, it's not the case during the evenings. This is probably because the staff is ALWAYS different at lunch and in the evening. I have some ideas why this is the case, but I do not want to ventilate them, because they are just ideas.
We like the place nevertheless and will probably continue continue going there.

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