čtvrtek 6. srpna 2009

Himalaya restaurant

I went shopping with my mom yesterday. We wanted to have lunch together and she requested Indian food. By that time we were on Namesti Republiky and there is no Indian place nearby except Himalaya. I've heard some nasty things about this place but not considering myself a connoisseur of Indian cuisine I didn't think it would be too bad. What a mistake.
The restaurant itself is somewhat rundown and considering the fairly high prices I was certainly expecting something else. The unpleasant kitchen odours were very intensive and the ladies room was not something you would easily find in Prague1 - old, stinky and ugly. The staff does not speak Czech, only English.
We ordered meat samosas and 2 chutneys with pappadums, lamb korma, butter chicken and pulao rice. The menu is very extensive, offering a wide choice of different curries etc, but we decided to stick to these more popular items.

The photo above shows the samosas, chutneys and pappadums. I didn't take photos of the other stuff, it wasn't worth it. The samosas were the best dish, bursting with a tasty meat filling, they did go well together with the sweet mango chutney. The tomatoe chutney was nothing to shout about. The main courses were plain bad. The lamb was tough and almost impossible to chew. The lamb corma costs 255 crowns, for that you get about 8 2x2cm pieces of this terribly cooked meat and lots of lukewarm overly sweet and thick sauce. The butter chicken was a horror for me as a non eater of onions. The meat onion/ration was something like 1/5. In the tiny serving dish there were few pieces of overcooked chicken breast covered in an insipid red sauce consisting of finely chopped onions and oil. No creamy sauce typical for butter chicken whatsoever. And that for 219 crowns. The pulao rice was tasty.

I haven't had such a bad restaurant meal in a long time and when the bill was brought it became even more depressing. 850 crowns for food that was unpalatable. What a waste of time and money! :-(

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