středa 19. srpna 2009

Kiev - Honey fair at the Lavra

I've just returned from Kiev, the city I was born in and spent the first years of my life in. My grandparents and dad live in Kiev and so I go to there regularly. Among other things I visited is a honey fair held at the Kiev Pechersk Lavra. The Lavra is a Unesco heritage site and probably the most important christian-orthodox church and monastery complex in the world. From here christianity spread across eastern Europe. On the 14th of August the holiday of Makovija is celebrated and it is the first day of the Medovyj Spas, a holiday celebrating the first honey harvest of the year. My granddad loves honey and so we simply had to visit this fair.
There were about 70 bee farmers from all over Ukraine selling their stuff there, more than 20 kinds of honey and about 30 different bee products (like wax, royal jelly, cosmetic products etc).
My granddad bought 7 different types of honey from the beautiful young lady and her grand mom pictured above. They were very friendly and helpful.

There were thousands and thousands of bees! I don't think this fair is a suitable place for small children or people allergic to bee bites. I still wonder how I didn't get bitten by one of those.
Generally the fair was very interesting, I never knew there was coriander or chestnut honey for instance. A pity there were so many visitors when we were there, otherwise we would have taken a walk inside the Lavra complex, but my grandpa was happy nevertheless! And that's what's really important to me :)

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