neděle 10. ledna 2010


We stopped by at this new Thai restaurant when we arrived to Prague from our holiday yesterday, to grab some takeaway food. Our flight was 4 hours late due to the weather and we weren’t in the mood for shopping and cooking.
The place is rather small, only 7 tables for about 20 people. It’s a non smoking restaurant and has free wifi, the place is clean and not kitschy.
The drink prices are quite unique for Prague - 15kc for a small Aquila or Mattoni and 30kc for a 0,75l bottle. They have Holba beer on tap, a big glass is only 22 kc and it’s very very good. This is the second place in Prague that I know of that serves this beer, Bukanýr being the other one. There was one friendly waiter/manager whose English was much better than Czech and another customer having a meal when we came in.

The placemats on the tables caught my attention. They depicted and described some of the most famous Thai dishes and their main ingredients. A label on the placemats said that they were produced by the Thailand ministry of commerce.
Our food took about 20 minutes to arrive, it came neatly packed, complete with the bill. We paid and headed back home.

I appreciated the “double packaging” (in a plastic bag or in alfoil and in a plastic container). I know it's not environmentally responsible, but nothing spilled on the way home and it was still warm after a 15 minute drive a 5 minute walk.

The tom kha kung soup was very good, bursting with flavor and not to hot, but I did skim off some of the fat before eating. It did not contain cherry tomatoes like some varieties in Prague do, but had lots of oyster mushrooms instead. There were 3 medium sized prawns. Tom kha kung, 75kc.

The green curry with pork was alright, although the meat could have been more tender and I like a curry with more vegetables, this one only had bamboo. But the sauce itself was very tasty with a medium heat factor. See those kaffir leaves? Not a common sight is it? Kaeng kiaw wan moo, 130kc.

I don’t eat eggs so we ordered the pad thai kung minus the eggs. I thought it was a tad too dry, this was because it wasn’t mixed very well. Half of it stuck together in a clump while the other half had just the right balance between noodles, peanuts and bean sprouts. It wasn’t too sweet and we actually liked it. Pad thai kung, 150kc.

The chicken dish was rather unremarkable, it had no taste whatsoever and I do not recommend ordering it. It had a Čínské bistro feeling to it. Kai kra tiam, 130kc.

Husband doesn’t really fancy hot food so he ordered a miso soup for himself from the Japanese menu. It was a decent classic miso with tofu and seaweed. Misoshiru, 45kc.
The rice was very fragrant but a little clumpy. It was 30kc per serving.

The total bill was 649kc, together with 2 beers and one small Aquila. No charge for the packaging.
I didn’t study the Japanese menu any deeper, it’s all online on the restaurant’s web. I don't really trust Japanese food in non-Japanese restaurants, but I may be wrong.There are no translations in the online menu which is a major flaw IMHO, the printed menu in the restaurant has Czech and English descriptions.
The restaurant also offers delivery, but the website does not specify the conditions and whether this service is free or not. ThaiOishi is located almost next door to a new Indian restaurant called Curry House. Their websites look very alike and the close by location may indicate that the restaurants are affiliated.
We enjoyed some of the food, the prices are decent and we might take advantage of the delivery in the future. This isn’t the best Thai restaurant in Prague but if you’re in that area it’s definitely worth checking out.

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